WHS Jr. High Boy's Basketball

    Week of 1/30-2/5  
    Mon 1/30 - practice 3:00-5:00 old gym          
    Tue 1/31 - Game vs Bellwood 4:00(B)/4:30(A)     
    Wed 2/1 - practice 3:00-4:30 old gym          
    Thur 2/2 - practice 3:00-4:30 old gym      
    Fri 2/3 - Game vs Curwensville 4:00(B)/4:30(A)        
    Sat 2/4 - no practice
    Week of 2/6-2/12  
    Mon 2/6 - practice 3:00-5:00 old gym          
    Tue 2/7 - Game vs Mo Valley 4:00(B)/4:30(A)     
    Wed 2/8 - Game at Spring Cove 4:00(B)/5:00(A)   dismiss 2:35  bus 2:45   
    Thur 2/9 - Game at Spring Cove vs 7th Grade 3:30  (B team will play) dismiss 2:20  bus 2:30        
                   - practice 3:00-4:30 old gym for A team   
    Fri 2/10 - Game vs Juniata Valley 4:00(B)/4:30(A)  
    Sat 2/11 - practice???   
    Week of 2/13-2/19  
    Mon 2/13 - Game at West Branch 4:00(B)/4:30(A)  dismiss 1:55  bus 2:05            
    Tue 2/14 - practice???  
    Wed 2/15 - Games at Spring Cove 7th/8th Grade Tournament times TBD         
                          - more info to come 
    Thur 2/16 -  practice???   
    Fri 2/17 - practice???    
    Sat 2/18 - possible Game ICC Championship     
    REMIND SET UP:  I have set up a reminder system that will send out alerts for any news that needs out quickly.  It will be labled Wburg Boys JH Basketball.  If some of you already have it, it is through the Remind app.  I recommend gettting the app over getting text messages from Remind.  You can do one of a few things.  1)  If you have the Remind app hit join class and put in @wburgbjh 2) You can join and get text alerts simply by texting the message @wburgbjh to the number 81010.  3) If you aren't on Remind yet but want to join, type rmd.com/join in your browser and it will take you through the steps to join and it will prompt you to download the app (which is useful if you have multiple groups on the Remind app).  Or 4) You can just give me your cell number (or email if you prefer that) and I'll send you an invite.  Please get word out on this.  Again I will still post info to the website but this will help get more urgent reminders out quickly.  Thanks!