• Although you have received information regarding the Title 1 Math and Reading programs, you may still ask yourself, “What does the Title 1 program do to help my child succeed in school?” 

    The Title 1 teacher works cooperatively with the classroom teachers to meet your child’s educational needs.  The classroom teachers and the Title 1 teacher meet each week to discuss the curriculum and the students.  The team then determines what educational practices would benefit all students.

    All of the students receive Title 1 services.  This occurs during our Kindergarten work group times.  The Title 1 teacher supplements the concepts that are being taught in the kindergarten curriculums.  Often, enriching these concepts in a different manner from what was done in the classroom.  Due to the smaller groups, it is easier for us to use manipulatives or supplemental materials to provide a lot of practice. 

    In first through third grade, students are assessed in the spring of the previous year.  These assessments, along with input from the classroom teacher, determine which students will qualify for Title 1 services.   Once again, the classroom teacher and the Title 1 teacher, work cooperatively to meet all of the students’ needs.   Often the Title 1 Math and Reading teacher works in the classroom providing support to students in need.  This may be done through small group or individual activities, guided reading groups, or providing positive support.  Occasionally, students may be pulled from the classroom to work on concepts that they may be having a difficult time grasping.  Another reason that students may be pulled from the classroom is for testing purposes.  Pulling students from the classroom may provide a quieter or less stressful testing environment. When students are pulled from the classroom, it is a time that is suitable for both the students and the classroom teacher.

    If you have any questions or concerns, the following contact information can be found at several locations on our district website.

    Mrs. Lisa Murgas
    Mrs. Jennifer Metzler
    Elementary Principal
    Mrs. Camala Gilbert
    Title I Reading/Math