• Attention parents: In an effort to continue having the most up to date Health records. Please make sure that the school nurse receives a copy of updated immunization records.

    DOH MRSA Fact Sheet                        
    Living With MRSA. Mar. 2006. Tacoma Pierce County Health Department. 
    Important Reminders:
    • Students entering grades K, 6, and 11 need to have a physical exam completed for school.

    • Students entering grades K, 3, and 7 will need to have a dental exam completed for school.
      When physical or dental exam is complete, please return the forms to the high school or elementary office.
    • For students requiring medication administration during school for the 2012-2013 school year, you may pick up the forms for prescription and non-prescription medication in the high school office or download them in our forms section.

    • You may apply for free or reduced price student meals at any time during the school year if your household size increases, you lose your job or your income decreases, or if you start receiving Food Stamps or TANF. Contact the school to request an application or find it in our forms section. 
    •  Please keep your school nurse updated on your child's health. Recent illnesses/diseases, surgeries, medication updates, and new conditions are examples of what the nurse should be updated on. Health problems can affect your child's academic progress.
    •  Health conditions that are chronic such as diabetes, asthma, food allergies, and bee sting allergies require an action plan. The school nurse will send home an action plan for you to complete if one is necessary. 
    •  For information on when your child can return to school after an illness, please see this link - Contagious Disease
    • Hearing screenings are performed yearly on all children in grades K-3, 7, and 11. Children with known hearning loss and students in special classes are tested yearly. Hearing screenings are also performed in September/October. Referrals are sent home if the student fails the hearing screening.