Williamsburg Elementary School

    Title 1 Program Information


    Mrs. Lisa Murgas            Mrs. Jennifer Metzler                Mrs. Camala Gilbert

    Superintendent                   Elementary Principal                  Title 1 Reading/Math 



    What is a School-Wide Title I?

    Title I federally funded program. Through Title I, money is distributed to school districts around the country based on income. School-wide programs can use all funds to ensure academic support for students.


    School-wide programs serve all of the children in a school.  All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall school-wide program.  The purpose of the School-wide program is to generate high levels of academic achievement in core subject areas for all students.


    The purpose is achieved through:

    -High quality instruction

    -Strategies and methods to improve teacher quality and professional development

    -Supplemental services to those students in need




    Who are Title 1 students?

    ALL students at Williamsburg Elementary are considered Title 1 students.



    How are parents involved?

    -Parents are notified about the school’s Title 1 program.

    -Parents, teachers, and students sign a contract that explains the responsibilities of the teacher, child, and parent to ensure student success.

    - Parents are encouraged to attend Open House, parent-teacher conferences, PTO meetings.

    -Parents are provided information regarding the Title 1 program and up-to-date school information through the Title 1 Newsletter, the Friday Flyer.



    What can parents do?

    -Be an active participant in your child’s education.  Attend Open House, Parent-teacher conferences and PTO meetings.

    -Encourage your child to complete homework.  Give him/her a quiet place to do homework and study. Go over assignments and give help as needed.

    -Communicate with your child’s teacher.

    -Make sure your child gets enough sleep and attends school regularly.