• Course Expectations

    Be Prepared- Be seated & ready to begin class before the tardy bell rings. Have textbooks, class supplies, and assignments ready.

    Be Respectful-Enter classroom quietly-Listen while others are talking-Show respect for school and personal property-Help others when appropriate-Raise your hand & wait to be acknowledged before speaking.

    Work Quietly-Do not bother other students-Ask for help when you need it-Always try to do your best!

    Follow All Rules in the Student Handbook

    Grading Scale: A=100-93 B=92-85 C=84-77 D=76-70  F=69 & below

    Late Work Policy: 10% of your grade will be deducted from total assignment grade each day it is late.

    Absences: It is important to be in school as many days as possible. If you need to be absent it is your responsibility to get your make-up work from the Homework Folder or from another classmate.

    No Electronic Devices allowed during the school day: This includes, but is not limited to cell phones, MP3 players & iPods. Electronic devices are to be kept in the student’s locker during the day. If a student has an electronic device in class the item will be taken from the student and turned in to the office per school policy.

    Supplies: 1 Notebook, pencils, Pens/Highlighters are optional.