Post Secondary Opportunities - Partners in Education

    Students at Williamsburg Community School District have the opportunity to accrue college credit by way of partnerships with Allegany College of Maryland, Delaware Valley College, Mount Aloysius, and Penn Highlands.  
    Courses available are:
    • Allegany College of Maryland - College Sociology, College Psychology, English 101, English 102
    • Mount Aloysius - Spanish, College Algebra, and Statistics
    • Penn Highlands - Public Speaking
    Williamsburg Community School District is articulated with Delaware Valley College. Students completing the entire agricultural program are eligible to receive 8 credits of college course work if they choose to attend Delaware Valley.
    Credits may be obtained through the following:
    • AE 1120 Sustainability: Saving the Earth and Feeding the People
    • HT 1101 Exploring Horticulture, Science and the Environment
    • AS 1000 Survey of Animal Agriculture